1. To support the process of re-integration of marginalised British females through the provision and delivery of resources, workshops, courses, blogs, film, video and podcasts.


2. To develop the potential of story telling through video and film reflecting issues as an educational and rehabilitative tool in settings such as prisons, refuges, rehab centres, institutions, drop-ins, drama schools, pop up theatre, arts venues and music festivals.

3. To develop cognitive story crafting communication and performance skills through film and broadcasting and provide a supportive and stimulating environment in which participants can explore and learn the art of story telling through a female lens.


4. To use video, drama, arts and multimedia as a forum for analysing issues around peer pressure, cultural context, social behaviour and personal experiences which people may find difficult to discuss in more formal situations. 

5.To introduce and support women who may have previously been excluded from accessing multimedia and the arts to positive role models.  Building confidence to re-integrate into society.

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